What people say!!!!

Myriam worked with me compassionately with love. My session was at the end of a long work day, and as soon as I got on the phone with her she could sense my energy was a bit hectic, she guided me and helped me tap into my own intuition. She has a natural way of connecting with spirit and I’m truly grateful for the messages she interpreted from my angels; it was just what I needed to hear. She helped explain what the cards pulled for me meant, and truly helped me center back into my Divine purpose with ease and grace. Myriam is an Earth Angel and her work is positively impactful on the world! Jessica S., CA

Myriam coached me for a very successful career move.  Her insight and encouragement were extremely valuable in understanding what I wanted and creating a clear path to getting it.  She helped me turn a good situation into an excellent one.  She is very experienced and effective in helping you reach your dreams!  LH, director at a technology company

I met Myriam during a challenging time.  She understood my situation and helped me plan for my future as a single person.  She was warm and brought humor to our work.  She helped me see that there are still many things for me to do, and to enjoy my life.  Thank you Myriam, RL

Myriam was a guest speaker at our school and she filled the room.  The topic was loaded, but she dazzled with appropriate humor and the questions flowed!  Thank you for the light! MT, Canada

I still recall working with Myriam on children’s cancer care. When it looked as though one of our little ones was not going to make it out for the wish she arranged, she got permission and rented two costumes of his favorite characters and in to visit we went.  The look on that child’s face was PRICELESS! MA, Toronto

I was laid off and trying to find what to do next.  A friend advised speaking with Myriam.  I am so glad I made the initial call!  I came to see that I hated my work and I could achieve so much more with some faith in my skills.  We set some clear goals and Myriam had great insight to help keep me on track.  I don’t think I would have seen this then, but she helped me create a much better situation and I am so happy I listened. JS, CA